How "the most comfortable high heel ever" helps women go their own way

In 2015, the first MISSY ROCKZ, the "STREET ROCKZ", saw the light of day - with a loud bang that even RTL did not miss and accompanied the cool launch show at Puro Beach Dresden.

So the sporty high heels not only amazed the audience of the fashion show, but also the girls at home. Why? Because high heels suddenly became comfortable and suitable for everyday use - a real revolution for women with style.

The success story

Whaaat? Shoes that are sexy like high heels and comfortable like sneakers? No, that was not a one-hit wonder or a utopian ideal, but reality. No wonder it didn't take long until MISSY ROCKZ developed into a label that makes women all over the world happy.

  • Crossing borders - and not just national borders.
  • Leave your mark - even if only with your heels.
  • And go your own way - without aching feet.

The mission of MISSY ROCKZ was successful.

The vision of MISSY ROCKZ

But who is actually behind this revolutionary idea? Driven by passion, creativity and (of course!) the love for shoes, MISSY ROCKZ is embodied by Fanny Mißbach - a strong woman who is ready to break new ground. With her strong personality and full of zest for action, she wants to infect other women, not to let herself be beaten down and to overcome every hurdle - even when wearing high heels.

The vision behind it: Everything is possible.

Fanny Mißbach is not only the founder, creative director and face of MISSY ROCKZ, but also the name giver. Her nickname "MISSY" plays a decisive role and with the term "ROCKZ" the label becomes a statement to never let yourself get down and to rock life in your own way. And this is exactly what is behind it: Shoes for tough girls who want to appear sensual and wild at the same time. With MISSY ROCKZ I want to give every woman the opportunity to master her everyday life and to go through life independently - without blisters and agony. But with a self-confident smile on her face. Normal high heels are often uncomfortable and associated with pain - and the motto "if you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer" is long out.

Fashion should simply be fun. Like life.

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