About the shoes

During the day mega chic and determined at work. In the evening sexy and flirty at the after work party. The day is full of precious moments, but do we have time to constantly change our shoes to rock our everyday life?


MISSY ROCKZ appeals to individualists who want to combine comfort with style and are not afraid of patterns, prints and colours. After all, we have nothing to hide. With MISSY ROCKZ a new kind of woman comes to life: courageous, sensual and self-confident. An idealist who loves to experiment and who places great value on environmental awareness, quality and attention to detail.

A look into the future

Every woman is beautiful. And to emphasize the femininity, MISSY ROCKZ is working on many other projects full of enthusiasm and energy. Not only to meet the needs of every woman, but to exceed them. Women continue to develop. And so MISSY ROCKZ does not take a step backwards either. Standstill is a no-go. Instead, we move forward: in the most comfortable high heels ever. Because every step makes a difference.

Whether high heel newbie or addicted to high heels - the different heel sizes make it possible for every fashionista to plunge into the adventure of life and still get some admiring glances. With the matching fashion pieces, such as the casual THINK ROCKZ SWEATER or the MAGIC BUTTERFLY Cap, the look is rounded off so cool that every style gets a fresh upgrade. And that's just the beginning: MISSY ROCKZ has a few more surprises planned for the future, which perfectly match the sporty sneaker high heels. Maybe the wearer of the cool shoes will soon not only look hot, but also smell incredibly good. Or maybe she'll soon pull out the new It-purse from her spacious EIP SMART BAG... We'll wait and see.

And because we don't only look hot, but also have a voice, you can help to shape the future of MISSY ROCKZ. The highlight of the label is the annual voting, where every single opinion of the girls from the ROCKZ FAMILY counts.

Whether it's a tattooed rocker woman or a thumped-up doll - everyone can participate in the voting to decide which Missy Rockz will produce next and go through life with the girls out there. 

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