MR SMART Leggings
The most comfortable leggings ever!

The most comfortable leggings ever is back! Not only that. MISSY has re-optimized your fashion must have and guarantees you not only better comfort, but also a feel good effect.

The most comfortable leggings ever!
Your new favorite leggings

Sure, we all love comfortable and perfectly fitting pants, but there is always something that can be improved. The solution? MISSY has it;)

So what new features are there?

Optimal hold and no more slipping thanks to the silicon stripe integrated on the waistband.

The flat boost pads integrated under the buttocks provide the additional anti-slide effect and support for your buttocks.

What stays the same?

Flexibility and a second skin feeling thanks to ultra-comfortable Chinlon, combined with a high proportion of spandex.

Belly-away effect thanks to the opaque material and clever high-waist cut. Not a fan of it? The Flex Waist allows you to easily turn the waistband into a low waist.

Do you like to have your cell phone within easy reach? This is possible thanks to the pockets integrated on the side. Thanks to the smart design of the side pockets, your phone looks almost invisible and is also non-slip.

Are you convinced?

MISSY's All in One Leggings is back in the classic minimalist design and is perfect for all occasions:

Gym, couch, street - whatever! Switch cleverly to EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE mode with the MR smart leggings.

Optimized for you!

We have further developed the MR Smart Leggings so that you are now even smarter on the go!


Slipping pants were yesterday! Because the silicon stripe integrated on the waistband ensures optimum hold.

Support your Butt!

The thin pads incorporated under the buttocks offer additional hold and support

Buttocks shape.

Faithful all-rounder!

During sports, in the office or in your free time - these leggings are the absolute BASIC MUST HAVE with which you will always feel confident.

Confident Feeling!

Smart and flexible. Optical concealment on the stomach with a high-waist cut. Do you prefer it low-waisted? The leggings can also be turned over to a low waist.

Opaque & super comfortable!

Thanks to the ultra-comfortable Chinlon combined with a high proportion of spandex, the MR Smart Leggings hugs your figure perfectly and gives you a second skin feeling and lets nothing through.

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